How to place an order?

We have created here a complete guide of how you can place your order

1. First of all, go to services (Menu).
2. Then choose the service you want to receive.
3. Select your source/target language.
4. Type the documents you want to get translated.
5. Select if it is for Canada immigration.
6. Attach file in jpg, jpeg, png, csv, pdf, gif, ai, doc, docx and txt format.
7. If a file contains more than 1 page make sure to attach it in PDF format.
8. If there are more than one document, make sure to attach it in separate files of the same PDF.
9. Then move ahead to choose the expected delivery date. We usually translate 1-10 pages in the span of 48 hours. The time may change as per circumstances
10. Select number of pages your all the documents contain.
11. Add to cart your service and checkout.
12. Fill up contact & billing information. Click on continue to payment.
13. Choose any of the payment methods you are eligible for.
14. After the confirmation of your order, our team will assign the task to professional translators.
15. Your translation will be submitted within the period you have asked for
16. Before finalizing the documents, our team will send you the draft of your translated document to avoid any chance of mistake or error. It is proceeded after your confirmation.
17. The hard copy of the documents will be sent to your delivery address with no extra delivery charges.


Note: In case you are unable to place your order, whatsapp us all the details required we will make an order for and email you.