Apply online for Visa for Thailand - Explained Process, Time, Fee, and Requirement

Ques. Can I apply for Thailand tourist visa online from India?
Ans. Yes, if you have a valid Indian passport then you can apply for a visa by visiting

Ques. How to apply for a Thailand tourist visa online?
Ans. Follow the steps:-

1. Visit the website 

2. Click the button Apply Now

3. Fill out the application form

4. Pay the amount. You'll get an approval email and after it, you can download the e-visa from your account.


Ques. What time does 90 days, single entry tourist visa take?
Ans. The processing time for 90 days, single entry tourist visa is 21 days. But if it is urgent and you need it within 12 days or even 6 days you can get it but there will be a slighter fee difference

Ques. What is the fee for standard processing time for a Thailand tourist visa?
Ans. The standard fee for Thailand tourist visa is around INR 8200 which takes 21 days. There are also options for fast (12 days) and super fast (6 days) processing and the charges for the same would be around INR 13000 and INR 16000. 

Note: The fee is including the Thai government fee of INR 3283.

Ques. What are Thailand visa requirements and policies?
Ans. 1. Photo of the applicant
2. Scans of Passport (All scanned pages)
3. Bank Statement
4. Residence Proof
5. Airline Confirmation
6. A selfie holding the passport information page and a photo
7. Accommodation Proof


Note: The information on this page may change over time. For better understanding visit the source website.