Pricing & GST

    To give you the transparency about our pricing system we have mentioned every single detail you should know before placing any order:
    • Price will be calculated on the basis of no. of pages.
    • Prices are vary from language to language.
    • Our Starting price for a language is 800 per page.
    • We consider our standard page with a word limit up to 275 words, and if a page contains more than 275 words, it may be charged extra.
    • On services page, when you select your required language pair and click add to cart, you will see the actual price of that language. The given price Rs 1,200 is applicable on most of the languages.
    • If you have any query related to place an order, price system, time of delivery etc. you can contact us on whatsapp or email us at


    • 18% of GST will be added to your selection.
    • If you want GST input please provide your GST IN with your company name & address  at Email Id along with your order Id.