Bengali to English Certified Translation of Birth Certificate

Birth certificate is one of the most important documents that is an accurate proof of one's age and birth place. When you want to get social benefits or long to apply for foreign immigration/ permanent residence then you must have the Birth certificate. 

We know a birth certificate is provided by the local government bodies and they are issued in the local language of the state. In West Bengal, the Birth certificate is issued in Bengali language but people outside of the state are unable to speak and understand that language hence you are asked to submit the documents in the English language as it is the national language of the India.

The translation of the documents needed when you are going abroad for studies or decide to reside permanently there.

The process of the translation is quite easy with Certified Translation India, you just have to perform some simple steps.

1. click on Bengali to English Certified Translation of Birth Certificate.

2. Fill up all the required details.

3. Upload the documents, you want to get translated.

4. Fill up billing information and submit the order.

You will receive the soft copies within 24-48 hours while the hard copies would be delivered at your billing address.