Birth Certificate Translation for different purposes

We at Certified Translation India deliver high-quality Birth Certificate Translation for different purposes. Our translation is accepted by all government agencies and international organizations. We strive to serve you accurate and error-free translations.
We assure you about the quality of the birth certificate as it is done by our expert linguists. They are fluent in both languages, your document's source, and target language.

Birth Certificate Translation

There are several variations in Birth Certificate Translation. We are familiar with all of them and get them done for you as well.
Certified Birth Certificate Translation
CTI provides certified birth certificate translation for all purposes. Translators provide a signed copy of the document that says the document is true and accurate. While the translation agency provides a stamped copy of the document.
When you place an order for a Certified Birth Certificate Translation, you are likely to get a signed and stamped copy of the original document.
Notarized Birth Certificate Translation
Notarized Birth Certificate Translation is approved by a recognized notary public. In many cases, you need a notarized birth certificate translation. It usually needed when flying to Canada.
It is asked to present at the place of a certificate of translation. You feel free to get your Birth certificate notarized by CTI on time.
The notarized translation is presented to show the translation is genuine.
Birth Certificate for USCIS
The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) asks the applicant, the language of the document should be English. The  document of translation is assigned to only those who are eligible for it.