Certified Translation of Adoption Deed for Immigration Purposes

Adoption deed is a legal document provided by the law of a particular country for the adoption of a child. An adoption deed is issued to the adoptive parents and child which mentions the rights, duties, privileges, responsibilities of the child by the adoptive family. The filiation and responsibilities of a child are transferred to the adoptive family from the biological parents.

If you have adopted a child from abroad and want to legalize the adoption in your home country, you may have to present the documents in the official language of that country.



When you are planning to go abroad with the purpose of immigration or permanent residence, the adoption deed is compulsory to prove that the adoption is legalized and you are permitted to carry the child.

These adoption deeds are usually issued in regional/national languages of that particular country/city but when applying for a visa the applicants need to submit it in the official language of that country.

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