What is the difference between Nationality & Citizenship?

We have listened to these two words, Nationality and Citizenship, and most people think that these terms are the same and can be substituted. But it's not true as both of the words have their own and different meaning. Let's move ahead to understand the meaning of Nationality and Citizenship.


Nationality is a natural phenomenon. When an individual is born in a particular country he/she gets the nationality of that country. It is obtained through inheritance from parents. On the other hand, you can receive citizenship of any country by fulfilling some legal requirements as it is granted by the government of any country. Citizenship can be seen as political status as it indicates which country recognizes you as their citizen.

There can be fluctuation in the citizenship of a person such as you can be a citizen of more than one country at a time and you keep the right to become the citizen of a country by quitting the citizenship of another. While the Nationality can't be changed as it is innate.

A person can have the nationality of a single country but he/she can hold citizenship of many. So we can expect now that you are not going to mix it up.