Documents needed for Canada immigration

If you are the one planning to settle in Canada but not sure what documents are required? We have a complete solution to your problem. Here we have given the detailed information so that you don't have to open another tab.

What documents are required to migrate to Canada?

  1. Medical Examination Certificate
  2. Police Clearance Certificate
  3. Copy of passport/ Travel document Bio Data page
  4. Proof of work experience
  5. Proof of Funds
  6. Birth Certificate
  7. Proof of studies
  8. Marriage/Divorce/Adoption/Death Certificate

You must remember that your all the documents must be in English or French language, if it is in other language then applicant should provide IRCC with

  • French or English translation stamped by the certified translator or accompanied by an affidavit from the person who has done the translation
  • The translation package should include original documents that are used for translation of document and copied documents that are either translated into English or French.
  • a print out of original certified translated copy or scanned copy of original documents.


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