All You Need To Know About WhatsApp Chats Translation For Canadian Spouse Visa

If you are planning to apply for a spouse visa and need a certified translation of your social media or WhatsApp chats for Canadian spouse visa but not sure about the process, so you can go through this post well. Here we have included everything that you need to know. 

Anyone with the same requirement can place their order online at from any corner of India or world. We send the scanned copies through email while hard copies are sent through courier. Delivery of hard copy is absolutely free in India so doesn't matter in which corner of India you are, just place an order online.

Why is certified translation required?

When your partner is sponsoring you to Canada and you have to prove your relationship with him/her then WhatsApp or any social media chat is required. The chats will only be valid if they are in the English or French language.


Note: You may have seen this requirement while filling up the form for your spouse sponsorship visa application. We intend to fulfill all your requirements related to certified translation.

Chats in any other language than these two would not be accepted by the Embassy of Canada and your visa process may come to the hold. Make sure to get them translated either in English or the French language.


How to get them translated?

As we have already mentioned, the translation should be certified. It means duly signed, certified and attested with the notary in order to be valid for Canadian Spouse visa. We at certified translation India, are eligible to certify your chats. We have a team of native and professional certified translators. Our translation is valid for the purpose of spouse visa, immigration, PR purposes etc.

How to prepare chats?

You can include 40-50 screenshots and it should be enough. We at certified translation India consider 1 page for 4 screenshots so you can choose no. of pages accordingly. For example you have 40 screenshots so choose 10 pages while placing an order.

You need to take screenshots of constant chats. You can include 2-3 screenshots of every month and it should be enough. It depends on how long you both have been talking, so you can take screenshots of chats accordingly. It's all okay to skip some particular month or year if you have been talking for so long.

What kind of chats you should include?

The concerned authority doesn't need your bundles of chats or any personal information. They just need to know if you are genuinely married. It is followed just to avoid fake marriages for the sake of PR in foreign countries. You can include the chats where you both are talking about each other, your families etc.

How to place an order?

When applying for Canadian visa, you usually require translation from Indian languages like Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil to English. 

1. Click to 
2. Click "Order a Translation" menu and choose Any Indian language to English.
3. Choose required language pair and type no. of pages (4 screenshots are equivalent to 1 page).
4. Choose "Yes" in the section "Do you want the translation to be notarised too?" Notarisation is mandatory for Canada while if you require it for some other country like US, UK, New Zealand, Netherlands etc. then only certification (signature, stamps, affidavit of true translation) should be enough.

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What time should it take?

After placing the order it should take 2-4 working days to complete the translation. Once the translation is ready we send you the draft to check it and after your confirmation we go ahead with printing, scanning, certification and notarization.

What you will receive?

Below is the specimen of how we provide certified and notarised translation. 

  • You can also click to the given links to check how you will get the certified and notarized translation if these are screenshots or exported chats.
  • Translation of all pages/documents printed on our letterhead, duly certified, signed, stamped, sealed and notarized (Mandatory for Canada).
  • A Certificate of Translation/ Affidavit on our letterhead that states the translation is true and correct. An affidavit contains date of translation, translator's name, verifier's name, type of document, signature, stamp, seal etc.
  • Signed copy of prints of original documents.
  • Scanned copy through email while hard copies are couriered to your address.

Note: In case of any query feel free to email us at or call/WhatsApp at +91 8750646517. We will be more than happy to assist you in any way possible