Everything you need to know about applying for Dubai tourist visa online

Ques. Can I apply for Dubai tourist visa online from India?
Ans. Yes, if you are a valid passport holder can apply for Dubai tourist visa by visiting www.ivisa.com.

Ques. What is the process to apply for a Dubai tourist visa online?
Ans. If you need to visit Dubai, you'll require to apply for the UAE (United Arab Emirates) visa. The process is as follow:-

1. Please visit website 

2. Click  Apply Now

3. Fill out the application form

4. Make the payment. You'll receive an approval email, after it download the e-visa from your account.

Ques. What time does 60 days, single entry tourist eVisa usually take?
Ans. The processing time for 60 days, single entry tourist eVisa is 9 days. There are also options available for urgent requirement like 7 days or even 5 days. Visit the website to know more.


Ques. What is the fee for standard processing time for a Dubai/UAE tourist visa?
Ans. The standard fee for Dubai/UAE tourist visa is around INR 19000 which takes 9 days. While for Rush (7 days) and Super Rush (5 days) processing, the charges will be around INR 24000 and INR 30000.

 Note: The fee includes the UAE government fee of INR 12634.

Ques. What are Thailand visa requirements and policies?
Ans. 1. Scanned Photo of the Applicant
2. Scans of Passport with 6 months of validity in advance with at least 2 blank pages
3. Original Passport
4. Scan of the first and last page of passport
5. A passport size photo with white background
6. Bank Statement
7. Hotel Reservation Proof
8. Return Airline ticket
9. Accommodation Proof



Note: The information on this page may change over time. For better understanding visit the source website.