Evidence to prove genuine relationship between couples for New Zealand spouse sponsorship visa

Does your partner hold New Zealand citizenship or residence visa and you would also like to move there? To prove your relationship you need to submit some of the documents which authenticates the relationship between you and your partner. 

Requirement of submitting WhatsApp chats, emails or other social media chats is one of the requirements you generally have to prove the relationship. But make sure the documents being submitted are in the English language, document other than English wouldn't be accepted by the concerned authority. 

You can check it here at https://www.govt.nz/

If your WhatsApp or social media chats are not in the English language, don't worry you can get it certified translated with stamp, signature and statement that states the translation is true and accurate as per the original document. It will be valid and accepted.

To become eligible for spouse visa, the couple should be of 18 years of age.



Process of WhatsApp chat translation

1. Export or take screenshots of your chats. If you are uploading screenshots then 40 screenshots are considered 10 pages (4 screenshots equivalent to 1 page) or if uploading exported chats, 10 exported chats would be considered 10 pages so choose the no. of pages accordingly.

2. Go to www.certifiedtranslationindia.com, choose number of pages and fill up the other required details. Add to cart and checkout. Now your order is placed.

3. Now your order is placed. You may expect to receive the final certified and notarized translated soft copies within 2-3 working days while hard copies are sent to your address (If require).