Get your documents MEA Apostilled/Legalized for Spain

If you are planning to move to Spain for any purposes like education, work, or you would like to open your business there, you will be asked to submit some of your higher education documents. But remember the documents issued in India are valid and accepted in India only. So how to submit documents in Spain?

Not in Spain but it is the same with other 123 countries also that include Germany, France, Czech Republic, Costa Rica, India, Japan, Hungary etc. In 1961, the legalization of foreign documents was mandated by some of countries and these countries would only accept the documents when they have MEA Sticker and stamp on them.

If you are going to Spain then don't forget to get your original documents MEA Apostilled as only after the Apostille they can be accepted by the concerned authority. 

The process of MEA Apostille in India is not that easy, it may take a long time and efforts but with Certified Translation India the process is quite easy, hassle-free and it only takes as short as 2-3 days.

Just click on get MEA Apostille in India, choose number of documents and other options, add to the cart and checkout, now your order is placed. It's so simple. You can send your documents to our office and in case you can't do, we will get them picked up from your place and deliver back to your address in India or abroad.