Hindi to English Certified Translation of Land Record (Registry) Documents

As long as an NRI owns his/her property in India, he/she keeps the right to take a loan from the bank. The person can take a loan against his/her residential/commercial property. Before applying for the loan a person has to fulfil the bank's guidelines. 
You may know, when you buy any property in India, the documents are registered in the regional or local language of the state and most of the state in India speak Hindi locally. When an NRI decides to take a loan then he/she needs to get their land records translated into the English language.
Hindi-to-English- Certified-Translation-of-Land-Record-(Registry)-Documents
If your documents are in the Hindi language so first get them translated into English. Where? Don't need to go anywhere just follow some quick & simple steps.
1. Click on Hindi to English Certified Translation of Land Records (Registry).
2. Fill up all the required details.
3. Drag or upload your documents (You want to get translated).
4. Fill up Billing information before the final submission.
After the submission of your documents, our highly qualified translators will provide you a certified copy of your documents within 24-48 hours.