How can an Indian apply for Portuguese citizenship?

If you are the one like to stay in Portugal for a long time or permanently then you need to apply for Portugal citizenship or permanent residence. You are eligible to apply for permanent residence after five years of constant living while citizenship is available after six years.
If you want to claim citizenship after marriage then you can do so after three years of marrying.

What are the benefits of getting Portuguese citizenship or permanent residence?

There are many benefits that both of them (permanent residence & citizens) get.
  • Both of them can participate in self-employment and full-employment without having a work permit.
  • They can get the education and study anywhere they want.
  • They are eligible to get social security and pension.
  • They become eligible to buy property in Portugal.


Here are some benefits that a Portuguese citizen can get
  • They are welcome to participate in Portuguese elections
  • You become able to get a Portugal passport that has been ranked 16th on Passport Index.
  • Getting Portuguese citizenship means you are eligible to visit EU countries visa-free
  • You can work, study and, and get an education in EU countries.
Receiving citizenship is in higher demand in comparison to permanent residence. Normally, It costs heavier to receive citizenship in EU countries.
In some cases, you may have to lose your country's citizenship to get Portuguese or other EU citizenship. However, there are many citizens who also apply for dual citizenship.
Portuguese nationality law allows foreigners to get citizenship:-
  • Marriage to Portuguese citizens
  • Descent by birth 
  • Six years of permanent residence
  • Adoption by a Portuguese citizen
  • Citizen of a former Portuguese overseas territory
  • The Jewish law of return for Sephardic Jews
  • If you have been a Portuguese citizen and lost citizenship in some particular circumstances.