How to get certified translation of Academic documents for Canadian student visa?

Are you applying for the Canadian student visa and need to present your grade card, mark sheet, and transcripts at the Canadian university? Certified Translation India is one of the leading translation companies in the same niche and has been serving for many years. Our team of native and professional translators understand your requirement and believe in serving exactly what is required. 

In India, it's not necessary that every school and college issue documents in the English language only. It's not at all necessary. In India, most states have their own language.

There are 22 main languages, every state speaks a different language. Documents issued by the states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and West Bengal are not always available in the English language. But when any Indian from these states applies to a foreign University like Canada, they are asked to submit the documents in the English language only. 


It becomes necessary for the applicant to get their educational and personal documents translated into the English language first. In order to get accepted, the translation should be certified and notarized.

Certified translation refers to "a statement by the translator or a translation agency that states the translation of the document is a true and an accurate replica of the original document". It is the requirement of the Canadian embassy that the supporting documents should also be notarized along with certification.  

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