Punjabi to English Certified Translation of Land Record (Registry) Documents

As long as an NRI owns a residential/ commercial property in his/her name in India, they can easily take a loan from India.
If an NRI decides to take a loan from a bank against his property, then he/she needs to follow the bank's guidelines. One of the major requirements they are asked to do is getting their land records translated into the English language.
If your land records or registry documents are in the Punjabi language then firstly get them translated into English. If you are thinking how? Don't worry, just click on Punjabi to English Certified Translation of Land Record (Registry) Documents, then fill up all required details and upload documents.
After the final submission, it's our duty to get your documents translated and send to your doorstep. You will receive the soft copies of the documents within 24-48 (The number of hours can be changed with the number of pages).