Questions related to Certified Translation

There are many questions that most of you always have but don't know where and whom to ask. Here we have tried to mention some of them and rest may come in the upcoming posts.

Q. What does a certified translation mean?
A. In certified translation, a translator or LSP provides a signed statement that the translation of the original document is true and accurate.

Q. How do you certify a translation document?
A. The document is considered certified when the person who translated that writes a formal letter stating that they are qualified to translate the document because they are competent in the both languages, target and source language.

Q. Who can legally translate a document?
A. Documents can be translated by anyone but it can be notarized by someone with a notary seal, generally the legal documents must be certified in order to be accepted as true and unquestionable.

Q. Is notarized the same as certified?
A. There is a difference between notarized and certified. In notarized, the documents is signed by a notary public while the copy of certified documents is signed by the person or agency. The person is referred to an an authorized.