What document you need to apply for a German visa

Here is the complete list of the documents you need to apply for a German visa application. Have a look to avoid any mishappening.

Documents needed for German visa application

  • A visa application form

First of all, you have to fill up the visa application form without creating mistakes. Make sure all the information is correct. In case of any incorrect information, your visa application can be rejected.

  • Declaration Form

The Declaration form is issued by a German authority where the applicant has to sign. The applicant is asked to confirm that all the information provided by the person is accurate and correct to the best of their knowledge.

  • Two passport-size photographs

The photographs must not be more than three months old. Make sure all of them are clear and identical.

  • Passport/Travel document

Make sure it is valid for 3 months beyond your departure date.
It shouldn't be more than 10 years old.
There should be minimum of two blank pages with the document.

  • Previous visa copies, if you have.
  • Proof of accommodation

You are asked to submit this to prove German government, where you are going to live during your stay in the country. The document can be the papers of your hotel booking or anything.

  • Germany Travel Health Insurance

Before applying you need to get travel health insurance for all regions of Germany and the state of Schengen. Your insurance should cover medical emergencies with a minimum of 30,000 €.

  • Proof of Financial Funds

According to ECI, a foreigner applying for the visa should be able to attest possessing 45 €/day to the German Embassy. You have to show some documents to prove that you have enough funds for your stay in Germany

  • A cover letter

In this letter, you have to say every important thing about your trip. Reason for going, duration of your stay, and other details.

  • Proof of civil status

You can present anything for exa:- your child's birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, etc.

  • Round Trip Flight Itinerary

Additional information as per your employment

  • If employed

Employment contract

Bank statement of last 6 months

Leave permission from the employer

Income Tax Return (ITR)

  • If self-employed

A copy of your business licence

Bank statement of last six months

Income Tax Return (ITR)

  • If a student

Proof of enrolment

(NOC) No Objection Certificate from school or university


  • If retired

last six months bank statement of pension