What is Interpretation and key types of it?

Interpretation is an act of listening and understanding to someone and delivering the same speech, words, text, language, signs with the same emotions in that person's language who is unable to understand the source language.

It is like a translation of anything, but the basic difference between both of the terms is that translation is done in written while interpretation is done verbally.


Types of Interpretation

Basically, there are three types of interpretation.

Simultaneous Interpretation: In simultaneous interpretation, an interpreter has to understand the source person and transfer the information to the target person in real-time. They take pauses for a few minutes only.

For simultaneous interpretation, it requires some equipment such as a Microphone for the interpreter and earphones for the listener. An interpreter needs a soundproof booth where he/she can focus and explain the best meaning of the source language.

Consecutive Interpretation: In Consecutive interpretation, an interpreter takes more breaks than a simultaneous interpreter. The most important thing to be noted in consecutive interpretation is that an interpreter keeps notes with them to interpret each and every piece of information which was delivered.

It's kind of impossible to remember the whole paragraph or everything spoken.

Whispered Interpretation: It's like simultaneous interpretation where the interpreter explains everything in real-time to the target person but neither they need equipment like a microphone and earphones nor any soundproof room, they sit next to the target person who needs an interpreter.

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