What is study permit and how to get that?

To study in the foreign is a dream to many students but which country to choose for further studies? Here we will talk about a country that sees a great number of immigration from India and most of the students from the same country keeping their eyes on Canada to complete their studies.

Study permit in Canada is a document that allows foreign students to complete their studies but it doesn't mean you don't need visa for the same. You will need a visitor visa or eTA, electronic travel authorization that is usually issued with your student permit.

There are higher chances of getting student permit faster when you are in India, China, Pakistan, Philippines, Morocco, Vietnam and other countries like these through the Student Direct Stream. The process of SDS is usually processed within 20 calendar days but it all depends on when you give your biometrics.

This study permit is valid until the completion of your course and it also adds additional 90 days to decide whether you want to stay in Canada or leave the place.

In case of these conditions:-

1. If your educational institute asks you to take admission in any prerequisite courses before the main course then you can apply to extend the duration of student permit as a student.

2. If your course finishes before the finalised duration then your student permit would be considered as expired within 90 days, doesn't matter what date was mentioned on the student permit.

3. If your student visa gets expired before you complete your studies, you can get it extended as a student.

What do you need to get Study permit?

1. You need an acceptance letter from (DLI) Designated Learning Institution.

2. A travel document or passport.

3. You have to show any document that tells you can support yourself and any of your family members coming to stay in Canada during your studies.

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