When do you need the certified translation of your legal documents?

There are many situations when you require the certified translation of your legal documents. Certified translation is a translation that is attested by the sign and stamps of the translator or a translation agency who has translated it and declared it to be a true and accurate replica of the original documents.

Here we will be discussing most of them. We will start with, where it is required the most

Legal/Court paperwork

Certified translation is required for legal paperwork in court hearings and trials. If any documents need to be used as a piece of evidence and it's in some other language then the translation is required. As long as it comes to submitting documents to the legal body or government it needs to be certified.



When somebody applies for permanent residence or temporary visa to any foreign country. They have to fulfill some of the necessary requirements and submitting certified translation of legal documents like birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree, death certificate, etc. is one of the major requirements. These visitors are asked to submit a certified copy of their personal and legal documents in the country's official language where they are going.

Business and Corporate Dealing

Certified translation is also required for the businesses that are growing in the international markets or have expanded their business and have multiple branches in different countries and cities. Here needs certified translation of various kinds of documents like patent filing, business reports, bank deposits, confidentiality agreement, mutual consent, business contracts, etc.

Business hiring a foreign candidate

The certified translation may also require if a company is hiring foreign candidates for their company. They might ask for the documents such as passport, visa, bank statement, medical reports etc.

Government bodies

Any type of documents like Birth Certificate, Technical patent confirmation, Adoption agreement, Marriage Certificate etc. that are being submitted to the legal or government authority requires certified translation.

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