Which countries are immigration friendly for Indian Students?

In today's time, most of the students wish to go abroad for further studies. We know most of you dream the same but don't know which is best for you. Here we have brought a complete list of countries with higher immigration rates for studies
Economy, work permit, easy visa policies, quality education, etc are some factors that make any country immigration friendly.

Immigration friendly countries for Indian students

The very first country most always has in mind is Canada. Many Indians prefer to reside or visit Canada instead of any other country in the world. This is not best for permanent residence but also for Student immigration for education.
The visa process for Canada is really easy in comparison to other countries. The high-quality education and work permit during the course are something that grabs the attention of the students.
Canada has been on rank 1 in the quality of life. Canada supports a multicultural society and prohibits any kind of discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, colour, financial status, etc. It's the reason why most of the student choose Canada to make their dreams come true. The employment and market in Canada blooming rapidly. The markets are producing work opportunities for skilled immigrants. It becomes easy for students to reside in Canada.
Australia is one of the most favourite places of so many Indian students. Australia is the home of many top educational institutions that offer an array of courses for students to pursue as per their will. Apart from providing top-class education and course, Australia also provides high-class jobs with a high standard of living along with an easy immigration process.
These are the factors that make it immigration friendly country. Australia uses point test to offer an invitation to apply for permanent residency to those students who want to reside permanently. First, they have to fulfil all the requirements. 
I have introduced you to study permits in Australia in my last post you can go through that.
Students who have pursued graduation from Australia can apply for permanent residency. They have to appear for the SkillSelect Migration Program, which's an online system to help lodge an online Expression of Interest for Migrants.
The beautiful country with its rich heritage has become one of the popular destinations for Indian students to continue study. The country has top institutions, a low unemployment rate, a strong economy, low crime rates, etc. These factors make it the first choice of many students. These students just not find New Zealand best to study but also see it as a secure place for their future.
Singapore is one of the most popular countries in Asia as it has a strong education system. Students dreaming to study abroad choose Singapore to continue their studies as it costs lesser than US and UK countries. Singapore's economy is one of the most stable economies in the world. These factors attract students' eyeballs and give them a reason to live permanently.
Germany is known as the hub of the automobile industry. It is the top place in many students' list who desire to continue their study in European countries. Germany's rich culture, world-class education, high employment rate attract students to pursue their dreams.