Why legal translation should be done by Translation agency instead of using online translation tools?

As it's an open secret, legal documents contain sensitive content and even a minor error can put you at the risk.
Hence, it would be more convenient to hire a professional translation agency instead of doing it by yourself with the help of online tools.
Apart from it, there are various other factors as well that you should focus on:
1. These tools can't identify the meaning if it contains more than one
Machinery can't identify the accurate meaning of a particular word. It can only be identified by a human. Here comes the need for a person who understands legal terminologies and statements.
Most of the translation agencies have native translators along with a great understanding of these terms. They are able to translate your documents without making errors.
2. Translation tools are unable to adapt different guidelines
If there is a specific guideline about translation, you can command the person but online translation tools can't adopt them.
3. Translation tools don't take responsibility if your document gets rejected
There are major chances of getting rejected due to errors and mistakes. When you go for a professional translation agency, there is barely any chance of getting documents rejected as it is done by professional translators and edited by professionals.
If it gets negated, they are responsible for it and would help you to take you out from this blunder.
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