English to Spanish Certified Translation of Degrees, Certificates & other Legal Documents

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✔️ Above is per page price. Do update number of pages below.
✔️ Upon completion of translation, we also email scanned copies before shipping and deliver the hard copies across India and abroad.
✔️ Valid Internationally (Visa/immigration office etc).
✔️ Duly signed, stamped translation on company's letterhead along with an Affidavit/Certificate of Translation.
(For any questions, Whatsapp us)

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What you will receive:

  1. Certified translation printed on our company’s letterhead, duly certified with our seal and signature.

  2. An Affidavit/Certificate of Translation containing:
    • confirmation it is an accurate translation of the document
    • the date of the translation
    • the full name and signature of the translator or an official from our company
    • the translator's or translation company’s contact details

  3. Signed and stamped print-outs of source/original documents to prove/show what we translated.

    Process / how to start:

    1. You Order Online. Upload documents and choose the required services above. Many options and pick and drop facilities are available within India and delivery of hard copies abroad as well.

    2. Checkout. Once you checkout, your order is placed and you will receive an order confirmation email right away and a dedicated Project Manager will be assigned to you through email.

    3. You receive draft. After the translation is completed, we email the draft of the translation before printing for your approval (mainly to check spellings of names etc.). 

    4. You approve, we print. After your approval by email, we go ahead with the printing of translation and prepare hard copies. Scanned copies are emailed to you and hard copies are dispatched to your address through courier.

    Delivery time / TAT (SOFT/SCANNED COPIES):

    • 2-3 days: For documents having 1-7 pages

    • 3-5 days: For documents having 8-20 pages

    • 5-7 days: For documents having 21-40 pagesAbove excludes Sundays and other public holidays

      After we deliver soft copies to you through email, we dispatch hard copies the next day through a courier service.

    Translation with 24-hour delivery (EXPRESS SERVICE):

    • In case of documents like of Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, PCC or Degree, you have an option to opt for 24-hour delivery for a small add-on service fee if you are in need of soft copies (scans through email) of translation on an urgent basis.

    • We will make sure you receive a draft of the translation within 24 hours and you have an appropriate time (at least 2 hours) to revert back to approve the draft or suggest if any correction is required.  Thereafter, we will do the necessary corrections and print the same.

      Disclaimer: If you take more time to respond to the draft than expected or revert after it's 24 hours from the time of order, the 24-hour commitment can be compromised and we will not be responsible for the same if we submitted draft on time. However, we will still do our best to help you get the soft copies earliest possible.


    Authenticity/Warranty of Translation:

    • All translations are done by our team of professional and native translators only. So you can rest assured of the quality.

    • For certified translations, we follow international norms and standards hence they are accepted by legal authorities in India and abroad for any legal or visa/immigration purposes for abroad.
      Here you can see Samples of Certified Translations for your reference: https://tinyurl.com/translationspecimen

    • In case of sworn translation please visit: https://tinyurl.com/sworntrans


      Note: For any other questions or doubts, you can refer to our FAQs page or call us at +91 8750 6465 17.

      Or for instant chat, click the "WhatsApp Us now" button on this page.