English to German Sworn Translation of Documents

English to German Sworn Translation of Documents

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✔️ Above is per page price. Do update number of pages below.
✔️ Upon completion of translation, we also email scanned copies before shipping and deliver the hard copies across India and abroad.
✔️ Valid Internationally (Visa/immigration office etc).
✔️ Duly signed, stamped translation on company's letterhead along with an Affidavit/Certificate of Translation.
(For any questions, Whatsapp us)

Total no. of pages

What you will receive:

  • Sworn Translation, done by an approved/authorized translator with their stamp and signature.
  • The translation is provided on the letterhead of the approved translator/institution.
  • Scanned copies will be provided to you through email and hard copies through courier to your address.


  • If there is any apostille sticker and apostille stamps on the back side of any original document so the front side and the back side will be considered as separate pages and two pages will be counted instead of one. 

    What time will we take?

    • We require 5-7 days to complete the sworn translation of your documents comprising 1-7 pages, excluding Sundays and other public holidays.

    What's the process of the translation?

    1. Once you place an order, you will receive an immediate confirmation email for your order that it has been placed successfully.
    2. We usually start working on your orders within 2 hours once an order is placed. If we have any questions related to your documents, we might write or call you directly to discuss the same.

    Authenticity/Warranty of Translation
    The sworn translations will be done only by the approved translators by the concerned authority/embassy/court of the country/language. 

    For any other questions or doubts, you can refer to our FAQs page or call us at +91 8750 6465 17.